DOI allocating procedure and payments

1) Request for DOI allocation

DOI allocation request has to be entered into the design worksheets, which are adjusted for this reason. With authorization of publication, an authorized editorial commission decides (yes/no) to the DOI allocation request. If the author, or possibly editor requests DOI allocation, it is necessary to provide both the manuscript and metadata to VUP according to the following demands. The person at VUP in charge of DOI allocation and metadata transfer to CrossRef is Pavlína Kovářová, tel.: 585 631 710, e-mail:

2) Required metadata for DOI allocation (all provided electronically)

  • Publication title (title of collection, in case of conference collection also title of conference), authors, editors;
  • Abstract in original language and in English;
  • Cost center’s number, which pays for costs of DOI allocation;
  • References References in word document (if a manuscript is provided to publishing house in camera ready form, references must be saved in word without formatting, references must be separated by „enter“);
  • Date and location of conference (only in case of conference and its collection);
  • Information about where the publication can be bought or downloaded; if a full text in pdf format is provided, the publication can be uploaded to web
  • In case of collections it must be stated whether one DOI is requested for the whole collection or one DOI for each individual articles.

Every publication with allocated DOI has its own response/landing page (a page containing publications description) at

In case of collection, or a publication composed of articles from various authors, it is possible do allocate DOI even to single chapters and parts.

3) DOI assembling

  • DOI consists of two parts: prefix/suffix
  • The university has prefix 10.5507 according to an agreement from 2010
  • Suffix for periodicals: e.g. “bp.2013.012” (<magazine’s acronym>.<year of publishing>.<number of article>), this structure allows “Ahead of print“,
  • Suffix for non-periodicals: <ss>.<rr>.<244xxxxx> (ss – part of UP, rr – last two digits of the year of publishing, 244..x – last eight digits of ISBN),
  • Suffix for single chapters: <ss>.<rr>.<244xxxxx>.<yy> (yy – chapter‘s number in publication);

4) DOI payments

For list of DOI fees please visit page DOI payments. Page is available from university network only.

29. 5. 2015 Pavlína Kovářová